TransLEX is a social, activism, and resource group serving the greater Lexington area, for people of all gener identities 16 and up.

We meet at least 4 times a month to chat, laugh and support one another.

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TransLEX is a group that is inclusive to anyone on the gender-spectrum. Our purpose is to build bridges and break down walls, all while making meaningful community connections. Our meetings are open to anyone, and are held at a variety of places both public and private. We have one rule, and that is to respect one another both inside and outside of group activities.

We enjoy our weekly social outings and are looking forward to the addition of a potluck monthly as well as the formation of a bowling team in the fall. Our future is set on outreach, advocacy and support in our community, all while working to break the barriers that exist within the LGBT community as a whole. We aim to educate, inform, and change the world around us by working together to create the kind of atmosphere that is a catalyst for change.

Contact Erik Ellett for more info:

Phone number: (502)681-6131